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Tray Adhesives

Border-Lock® dentulous impression trays and tray adhesive

Whilst using the dentulous Border-Lock® trays it is strongly recommended to use a tray adhesive to ensure optimal retention of the impression material. Each impression material is being influenced by thermal and polymerisation shrinkage. The use of tray adhesive ensures that the shrinkage of the impression material is directed towards the border of the tray and not towards the preparation. The use of adhesive is recommended for the disposable, autoclavable and implant Border-lock® dentulous impression trays and as well for custom trays. 

Border-Lock® edentulous impression trays and tray adhesive

As there are many additional retention grooves in the Border-Lock® edentulous trays, the use of a tray adhesive is not required.

A-Border-Lock adhesive

Adhesive that is specially designed for A-silicone impression materials in combination with disposable impression trays or self cured custom trays. This adhesive is the fastest drying adhesive in the world with a drying time of only 30 seconds. (Normal adhesives require 3-5 minutes). The adhesive should not be used with autoclavable Border-Lock® trays or metal trays.

Cavex alginate adhesive

Adhesive that is specially designed for alginates. Excellent retention with all types of trays.More information:


Advantages of A-Border-Lock tray adhesive:

-Fastest drying adhesive in the world: only 30 seconds required

-Excellent mechanical and chemical bonding between A-silicones and disposable trays or custom trays

Advantage of Cavex alginate adhesive

– Excellent retention between alginates and all types of impression trays

General recommendation with tray adhesives:

Use an adhesive that has the same material consistency as the impression material. Otherwise no bonding will occur between impression tray and impression material. Always brush just a thin layer of adhesive on the tray and respect the drying time instructions of the manufacturer.  

Alginates  -> use Alginate adhesive

C-silicones -> use C-silicone adhesive

A-silicones -> use A-silicone adhesive

Polyether – > use  Polyether adhesive

Order Information

A-Border-Lock adhesive

Adhesive for A-silicones in combination with disposable trays or custom trays
Bottle 10 ml

Cavex alginate adhesive

Adhesive specially for alginates for all types of trays
2 bottles of 14 ml
Cavex.Art.No. AB010