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– Mouldable dentulous tray


– Keep the tray immersed in water (70°c) for one minute


– Adapt  the tray by hand 
– Keep desired form stable for 5 seconds
– Check the fit in the mouth  and if needed, repeat the moulding procedure

Dr. van ThoorDentist, Germany

These mouldable trays are SUPER!! The idea of self-customising the trays is unique.

Dr. NolensDentist, Belgium

I am very satisfied with this development, because I have more and more patients with pronounced mandibular bony ridges

Dr. brinkmanDentist, Amsterdam University

The mouldable tray is perfect

Mr. ClaassensDental Prosthetist, Australia

I feel that the trays meet a deficiency in the market place and would be a tool of great benefit, in any Denture Clinic

Dr. Firladentist, Germany

The mouldable trays are superb and great advantages for the practice, when are they available?

Description disposable trays:

The dentulous disposable Border-Lock® impression trays are introduced on the market per january 2002.
It is the first semi custom disposable impression tray for the achievement of precision impressions using the monophase or sandwich impression technique. The Border-Lock® impression trays are developed by Schreinemakers. It offers the dentist an alternative for the metal Rim-Lock tray.

The edentulous disposable Border-Lock® impression trays came on the market per september 2003. The tray fit is exactly the same as the metal edentulous impression trays of Schreinemakers. It is the first impression tray that enables the dentist to achieve suction type retention for a lower denture. 

Advantages of the disposable Border-Lock® tray over the Rim-Lock tray:


In terms of impression result:

– Optimal dynamic pressure due to semi custom shape
– A post dam is unnecessary
– An immediate final impression in most situations
– 40% savings on impression material

Ease of use:

– No longer necessary to clean the tray
– No longer necessary to remove adhesive
– The loss of expensive metal trays is no longer an issue
– Clear range of trays in the surgery

Trial set 12 trays dentulous / edentulous

1x dentulous nr. 42, 43, 44, 45, 51, 52, 53, 54
1x edentulous nr. 22, 23, 32, 33
Art. Nr. 5400G

Introductory pack of 50 upper dentulous trays:

– Storage box: 10 upper trays nrs. 42-49, 
Divider and size gauge
– 4 refill boxes of 10 trays: nrs. 42-45.
Art. Nr. 5401G

Introductory pack of 48 lower dentulous trays

-Storage box: 8 lower trays nrs. 51-58, 
Divider and size gauge
-4 refill boxes of 10 trays: nrs. 51-54.
Art. Nr. 5402G

Storage box: 10 upper dentulous trays

10 upper trays nrs. 42-49,
Divider and size gauge
Art. Nr. 5411G

Storage box: 8 lower dentulous trays

8 lower trays nrs. 51-58,
Divider and size gauge
Art. Nr. 5412G

Refill boxes: 10 single upper dentulous trays

Art. Nr. 5442G
Art. Nr. 5443G
Art. Nr. 5444G
Art. Nr. 5445G
Art. Nr. 5446RG
Art. Nr. 5446G
Art. Nr. 5447G
Art. Nr. 5448RG
Art. Nr. 5448G
Art. Nr. 5449G

– 10x size 42
– 10x size 43
– 10x size 44
– 10x size 45
– 10x size 46R
– 10x size 46
– 10x size 47
– 10x size 48R
– 10x size 48
– 10x size 49 

Refill boxes: 10 single lower dentulous trays

Art. Nr. 5451G – 10x size 51
Art. Nr. 5452G – 10x size 52
Art. Nr. 5453G – 10x size 53
Art. Nr. 5454G – 10x size 54
Art. Nr. 5455G – 10x size 55
Art. Nr. 5456G – 10x size 56
Art. Nr. 5457G – 10x size 57
Art. Nr. 5458G – 10x size 58

Divider dentulous

Art. Nr. 52900

Size template Border-Lock trays

Art. Nr. 54950

Storage box (empty) dentulous upper Border-Lock trays

Art. Nr. 70010

Storage box (empty) dentulous lower Border-Lock trays

Art. Nr. 70020

Storage box: 10 edentulous trays:

– 5 lower trays nrs. 21-25 + 5 upper trays nrs. 31-35,
Divider, size gauge
Art. Nr. 6410G

Refill box: 5 single lower edentulous trays 

Art. Nr. 6421G – 5x size 21
Art. Nr. 6422G – 5x size 22
Art. Nr. 6423G – 5x size 23
Art. Nr. 6424G – 5x size 24
Art. Nr. 6425G – 5x size 25

Refill box: 5 single upper edentulous trays 

Art. Nr. 6431G – 5x size 31
Art. Nr. 6432G – 5x size 32
Art. Nr. 6433G – 5x size 33
Art. Nr. 6434G – 5x size 34
Art. Nr. 6435G – 5x size 35

Divider edentulous

Art. Nr. 51900

Size template edentulous Border-Lock trays

Art. Nr. 51910

Storage box (empty) edentulous Border-Lock trays

Art. Nr. 70000