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Border-Lock Impression tray

The Border-Lock® impression trays are manufactured by Clan Dental Products from the Netherlands. Since September 2003, the following 3 types are available: disposable trays, autoclavable trays and implant trays for both dentulous and edentulous cases. Since 1960 Clan Dental Products produces impression trays that are developed by J. Schreinemakers.
The edentulous Schreinemakers impression trays have gained reputation as the Nr. 1 impression tray in the prosthodontic field by dentists from countries all over the world. The Border-Lock® trays have exactly the same fit as the original metal Schreinemakers dentulous and edentulous trays. The name Border-Lock® refers to the patented retention system. Special horizontal slits along the border of the tray provide an excellent locking mechanism for the impression material.
The rigidity of the Border-lock® tray has been scientifically tested and proven suitable for making precision impressions.
The Border-Lock® tray is the first impression tray with a Semi Custom fit that offers the dentist an alternative for the conventional Rim-Lock tray. It enables dentists to achieve excellent impressions that match in many cases the results achieved with custom trays.