In cooperation with Absolute Ceramics (Biodentis GmbH in Germany), Clan has developed partial moudable impression trays.
Absolute Ceramics uses the trays for scanning impressions.

The trays are available in size 1 and 2.
Size 1 is for I. and III. quadrant impressions (upper right and lower left jaw).
Size 2 is for II. and IV. quadrant impressions (upper left and lower right jaw)
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mould1 mould2 mould3


Per 1 May 2008 Clan introduces the new mouldable Border-Lock® disposable impression trays:

In the last years there has been feedback of users of the Border-Lock® impression tray that sometimes the fit of especially the lower dentulous trays was experienced as too narrow. As a solution Clan is happy to launch the mouldable Border-Lock® disposable tray. The shape of the Border-Lock® trays remains unchanged. The sole difference is the use of a unique thermoplastic tray material. The dentist has now the option to adapt the tray easily by hand after immersion in water (70C). After adaption the tray will assume its normal rigidity allowing a perfect precision impression.

Transparant impression material and transparant Border-Lock® implant trays:

The German producer of impression material Dreve-Dentamid has launched a transparant impression material especially for implant impressions. In combination with the rigid transparant Border-Lock® implant impression trays, the dentists obtains full visual control over the implant impression. The final implant impression can now be made in 1 stage without the need for custom trays from the laboratory.